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If you’re wondering why I’m using Kouta instead of Tsukasa you can ask Diend//

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I probably should’ve mentioned this earlier, but we’ve got a secondary Admin now!  Since I started the blog, I’ll be Diend-Admin, while our new member is Decade-Admin

To properly celebrate our new admin, here’s a bunch of Decade-tan

First of all we have




Next we have ちょっとくすぐったいわよ! by MtU@ついった

which admittedly breaks my normal rule on how much skin is shown in a Rider-tan pic, but it’s innocent enough. Warning: Artist’s other works ARE Nsfw


カメンライド by 若林まこと

コミケ76用販売物表紙 by 鳴神X

something about this one just feels disproportionated

and finally

ディケイ子 by 新改

10 Rider girl kiss scenes by


Neo Heisei Riders by Neofrontier!

More of the Heisei Rider Posters from Neofrontier!

鎧武 極 アームス 女姓化 kiwami girl.verby Sillybear
More of these Adorable Ganbarider-tans!
Ganbarider calling on!    By Daily Calender

More of these Adorable Ganbarider-tans!

Ganbarider calling on   By Daily Calender


the only reason zangetsu and gaim have the same undersuit is so kouta can loan his sengoku driver to takatora to transform as zangetsu in next weeks ep

that doesn’t make any sense, considering that Kouta’s driver is still locked to just him.